Retirement in Portugal

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Retirement in Portugal: life quality, safety and accessibility

Have you ever thought of enjoying your retirement in Portugal?Retirement in Portugal offers many advantages:

European and non-European citizens living in Portugal permanently or part- time (six months) are growing in number.


The country’s standards of living offer many benefits, some are listed below:

1. Safety: Portugal is in the Top 20 of the safest and freest countries in the world (Prosperity index 2013), with a low criminal record.

2. Weather: The weather in Portugal is one of the mildest in Europe (Koppen-Geiger weather classification). The Mediterranean climate ensures an average of 300 sunny days per year, with mild temperatures between 13°C in winter and 24°C in summer. The country faces the Atlantic Ocean enabling incomparable light and sunsets over the sea.

3. Hospitality: the Portuguese population is welcoming and kind. In a survey made by shows that 82,5% of the Portuguese population believes Portugal is a great place for immigrants to live in. Foreigners will benefit from a cosmopolitan and multicultural atmosphere, especially in Lisbon where you find foreign communities among which you will feel at home.

4. Accessibility and infrastructure: Portugal offers excellent transport infrastructure such as international airports, highways, and cruise terminals. Lisbon is 12 hours away from Beijing, 5 hours away from Moscow and 2 hours away from London, Paris and Rome. Competitive flight prices make Portugal the favourite landing place in Europe.

5. Cost of living: One of the lowest in the European Union (Index Numbeo placed Lisbon in 209th in 2012 (Luanda 2nd, London 29th, Paris 40th and São Paulo 159th).

6. Retirement tax laws: If you are a newcomer you will be exempted from taxes for ten years.

7. Heritage and authenticity: Portugal is 800 years old nation, and it is rich in historical and cultural heritage and ancestral traditions. City centres are carefully preserved with fifteen different sites classified as World Heritage by UNESCO.

8. Food: Portuguese gastronomy offers a wide diversity of dishes; it is rich in flavour and encourages pleasant conviviality. Portuguese wines are produced in fourteen certified regions and 285 different grape varieties; Portuguese wines are highly appreciated in the country and abroad with very competitive prices.

9. IAffordable Real State: when compared to other European capitals: The price per square meter in Lisbon is still one of the lowest among the EU capitals, enabling more investments.

10. Financial stability of the Eurozone: Despite the European crisis, the economic block is one of the most important engines of the global economy and the Euro is a powerful currency. The Health system, legislation and social protection in EU countries offer high standards of living.

With us to guide you, you will find on top of all the other benefits, our many services to help you with your retirement plans:
– Retirement optimization options
– Selection of temporary or permanent residency
– Support in property acquisition procedures
– Support in personal and family settling
– Health solutions
– Counselling in personal and family asset management
– Property rental (until you reach the age of retirement) with temporary utilization option.

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Receive for free on your email our Portugal Buying Guide by filling out the form.

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Good to Know
Receive for free on your email our Portugal Buying Guide by filling out the form.
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