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Portugal is the westerly located country of the European continent. Border with Spain.
Very good roads and airports allowed the country to open itself.

The official language is the Portuguese. French was the first foreign language until the seventies – English took over after that but still widely spoken due to the large immigration to the French speaking countries.

Member for the European Union since 1987, Portugal shares the currency, (Euro) and the borders (Schengen area gathering 26 European countries).

Being more than 800 years old, Portugal is extremely rich in monuments and history. The Portuguese heritage surprises for its concentration and diversity: Rock carvings, Roman remains, the great Portuguese discoveries, the dictatorship, the pacific carnation revolution, the modernity of the last 30 years. Shortly, a small country full of interesting places to visit.

Population around 10,5 million inhabitants are cordial and educated. The Portuguese are reserved: you will be well received but not assaulted. Portugal is on the second place on the ranking for the most welcoming within the 31 cities in Europe and the United States (2011 MIPEX III).

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Vivre au Portugal

With 850 Kms of coast and a rich maritime past, Portugal is resolutely a country turned to the ocean. The beaches on the Algarve (2013: prize of better beaches Travel Choice) are the better well known, alternating small coves with scarlet cliffs and big beaches of thin sand. But the beaches in Lisbon are not the rest and offer all the leisure activities from the walking to the kitesurf. The beaches on the Silver Coast are also wonderful places.

“I lived already abroad before landing in Lisbon, I was looking for an alternative destination to France but with a similar culture, a pleasant whether, a place that would be easy to the family to adapt. I was pleasantly surprised how easy the installation was, the very convenient cost of living, the excellent quality of life, it is a safe country for a couple with a young child and it is, in my opinion, the ideal life destination”
Bruno N.

The health system

Portugal is recognized as the 12th best health system in the world for the World Health Organization (WHO). It works sensibly like the UK system.

The public health system

The health care in Portugal is articulated between private and public. The public offers a very good quality of care and support. Performing infrastructures, equipped with advanced technology and animated by recognized doctors.

As a resident, you will be attached to a health centre next to your residence and you will have a doctor. The costs will be supported by the Portuguese social security and you will only pay a fee (€2,10 for a routine consultation, as an example).

However, the public system quality is tarnished by waiting times that, depending of the specialities and pathologies, may be long.

The private health system

To be taken care of immediately, you can call directly a private doctor at your expenses or go to a private clinic.

You may choose to pay each medical intervention or to contract a complementary health plan. Like in the UK, you have a wide choice and lots of insurance companies also specialized in healthcare, that can propose from basic to complete health cover.

Can retirees continue to seek treatment in the UK?

As part of the European agreements, people in retirement may continue treatments in the UK or in any origin country in Europe. The attachment to the original security system will allow them to, for instance, continue medical monitoring with their specialist or having an already programmed intervention.

Le système de santé

The tax regime

The tax regime is one of the non-negligible assets of the country. Many recent laws have eased the taxation, which have made the country even more attractive to the eye of workers and retired foreigners.

Non-habitual resident statute

This status, also called NHR, is intended to no-Portuguese living in Portugal for more than 183 days a year (half a year) and did not have fiscal residence for the last five years.

Its main benefits:

– A tax exemption on income from abroad (like private pensions) for 10 years.

– A flat-rate tax of only 20% (for the income tax) applicable on income from the provision of services and wages received in Portugal.

– Absence of inheritance rights for ascendants and direct descendants’ resident in Portugal. Otherwise, the tax conventions between Portugal and the native country, in the framework of the European Union guarantee of avoiding double taxation on income.

My retirement in Portugal

Each time faster, foreigners choose Portugal for retirement.

There are multiple assets in choosing this country:

– A European country

– A calm and secure environment (link below)

– A politically stable country that uses the euro as its currency

– The mild climate all year long

– Cultural proximity

– The geographic proximity with the UK (numerous daily flights from and to the UK in less than 3 hours)

The economic assets

A higher purchasing power in everyday life (25% higher considering an average UK income).

And in terms of real estate, makes possible, very often, to buy bigger surfaces.

An incomparable quality of life

– The ability to accommodate the family in a pleasant setting

– A state-of-the-art health system

– Incentive tax benefits

Work in Portugal

Working in Portugal, being alone or with the family, offers interesting perspectives.

Even if the big part of the companies is looking for Portuguese speaking persons, there are some others looking for employees speaking English or French. A big number of foreigner companies have set up in Portugal in the last few years.

Most of the time, you will have a Portuguese employment contract (with substantially identical laws as in the UK).

You can as well have an independent activity thanks to the different statues provided by the Portuguese law. The steps to take for starting a business or get a registration as an independent worker are very easy to do in the internet.
Family life: children can attend to international schools in Lisbon and all around the country and enjoy the many offered activities.

Forge a social life easily thanks to the numerous English cultural associations.

And, of course, enjoy a comfortable family spacious apartment for a very attractive price (LINK BELOW)


Le climat

One of the softest whether in Europe. You will find all year long never too hot and never too cold, with a natural temperature variation between the north and the south of Portugal.
With about 300 of sun shining days a year, you will enjoy magnificent winter days!
Say goodbye to the grey days!


La gastronomie

Portugal offers an excellent diversity of flavours. It´s recipes are simple but delicious. From the sea food to the wild boar, from the fresh fish from the coasts to the famous bacalhau (codfish), the delicious fruits and vegetables: you will have a great variety of dishes according to the region. Not to forget the excellent quality wines that, in the last few years have, at last, acquired the international recognition it deserved. You can find also all the products you are used to buy in supermarkets.

The Economy

Portugal has suffered a great crisis between 2010 and 2013. It had also international aid. Getting out of the assistance programme, the Portuguese economy has a significant progress. The growth in 2015 has been of 1,4% of the GDP. However, in a global context, and according to the figures presented by the World Bank, it stills as the 48th bigger economy in the world.

Cost of living

The cost of living in Portugal: It is, no doubt, one of the country major assets. The minimum wage is of €580, with a superior income, the expats can have a good life. The CPI (consumer price index) in Portugal is one’s of the lowest in western Europe. As an example, a quality restaurant with starters, one course and desert will cost you around €40, a transportation ticket 0,80 euros.

Time: Greenwich

Country code: 351

Religion: Mostly Roman Catholic

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