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Retirement Guidelines in Portugal

In recent years, more and more French nationals have decided to spend all or part of their retirement in Portugal. Portugal has become the most popular destination.

What are the major driving factors for our customers?

Increase your purchasing power if you are comparing a retirement in France.

Stay close to family and friends: Portugal’s proximity and accessibility (planes and motorways) makes it easy to stay close to family and friends and to alternate residences according to your aspirations.

Enjoy the wonderful quality of life: tranquillity, hospitality, safety, beaches, food, and culture.

Experience a new adventure and change of scenery while remaining safe in a culture close to yours and in the European Union.

Many dailies now call Portugal a “Florida of Europe” because it is now recognized as a preferred destination for overseas retirement.

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"I saw Portugal as a real estate opportunity; I now realize it's much more than that. I bought an apartment two years ago but I come here very regularly for holidays or just a weekend. The diversity of the regions is remarkable."
Hervé, 39 years old

A more advantageous cost of living than in France: real estate prices are lower than in France and thus it gives you an opportunity to enjoy an apartment or a house of higher quality; daily life is up to 35% cheaper.

– The environment, the sunshine: the country has an endless variety of landscapes, from the wild countryside to the urbanized seaside, passing through authentic towns and villages, all bathed in sunshine (300 days of sunshine on average per year)

– A safe and quiet country: it is one of the lowest crime rates in the world! The population is moderate and the public space is serene.

– Its proximity to France: you can benefit from the many air links (including many low-cost ones) between the major cities of France and Portugal’s three international airports (Porto, Faro, Lisbon); the rail and motorway networks ensure efficient local commuting routes.

– Cultural similarity: one can adapt easily and quickly to daily life thanks to the reference points and the common culture between France and Portugal. Moreover, many Portuguese people speak and/or understand French very well.

– An attractive tax system: European treaties prevent double taxation (in the country of origin and the country of residence) and the status of Non Habitual Resident is an additional advantage (See link below).

– Quality healthcare system: it is the 12th best healthcare system in the world according to the World Health Organization. It operates in a similar way to France (a good public system and a private network offering more comfort and availability). The system is available all over the country and guarantees an excellent quality of occasional or regular medical care.
Click here to find out more about the healthcare system (link below).

Financially, Portugal is a paying choice, both in terms of financial security and tax benefits.

– The absence of exchange rates: you enjoy the comfort of the euro zone and eliminate the risk of a sudden change in rates.

– Capital security: your financial wealth is secure; you can also sell your Portuguese property easily and repatriate capital in France.

– The possibility of collecting your retirement easily: on your French bank account or on your new Portuguese account.

– The protection of the tax treaty: between France and Portugal, a tax treaty guarantees you no double taxation (what is paid in Portugal does not have to be repaid in France and vice versa).

– An advantageous taxation: with the status of Non Habitual Resident (RNH), private pensions, dividends, interest, capital gains and any other income from foreign sources are exempt from income tax (note that this status concerns people living more than 183 days a year in Portugal). For more information, click here Link: https://maison-au-Portugal.com/Note-fiscale-français-au-portugal

– The absence of inheritance rights for ascendants and direct descendants reside in Portugal: you transmit your inheritance serenely


Home in Portugal offers a selection of properties tailored to your personal situation with the guarantee and security offered by Portugal, member country of the European Union.

Retirement in Portugal

Are you planning or have you decided to retire in Portugal? The advantages that the country offers especially to young adults are many. There are laws that protect buyers and regulate the market.

Retirement tax regime in Portugal

Good news: 10-year tax exemption on pension income!

From January 2013, all private sector pensioners who stay in Portugal for at least 183 days or who on 31 December, have accommodation that they intend to use and occupy as their primary residence will be exempted from tax on income from foreign sources of natural persons for a period of ten years.

This exemption may be combined with others applicable to “Non Habitual Portuguese residents”, already in force, which allow an exemption from income received abroad. This Non- Habitual Residence Scheme has an additional advantage: it applies a flat-rate tax of only 20% on income from the provision of services and salaries received in Portugal. Dividends, interest, capital gains and any other income from foreign sources are exempt from personal income tax.

To benefit from this scheme, you must not have been taxed as a tax resident in Portugal for the last 5 years and you must have proof of a residence in Portugal by 31 December that you occupy as your primary residence.

Good to know: Download the article written by Maître Lauret HUGELIN Laurent, lawyer at the Paris Bar, about Non Habitual Residence.

Link: https://maison-au-Portugal.com/Note-fiscale-français-au-portugal

Tips for settling down


Depending on your project and its status, Maison au Portugal is your on-the-ground contact point or in France to support you at every stage of your planning and decision-making process.

Our French-speaking staff who experts in the market will answer all your questions and guide you to trusted partners.

What type of property are you looking for? An apartment or a house? For rental or buying? By the sea, in the countryside, or in the city? We select a property that matches your needs.

– What are the steps when buying?
The signature of a sales agreement, the contract, the funding: we recommend you use trusted professionals (lawyer, accountant, tax expert, etc.) we also help you with the administrative procedures.

– How is the moving in procedure?
Registration with the authorities, Social Security procedures, and opening an account: we guide you through these first steps.

– How to reconnect with daily life?
We can refer you to associations of French expatriates, cultural and sports activities near you as well as a good Portuguese teacher!

– How to manage your property in the long term? You want a rental return?
For property owners, Maison Au Portugal can also ensure the rental and management of your apartment or house.


Which region in Portugal to choose?

Visit and experience: Nothing replaces your feelings in choosing the location where you will be most comfortable. Portugal is a small country and in just 5 hours you can easily travel its entire distance. From the coast to the interior, it only takes 3 hours to reach the border.

However, for such a small country, there is an incredible diversity of landscapes and the climate also varies.

The North is often misty in the morning, but is much fresher. The humidity in winter is quite penetrating. It is suitable for people who like a certain freshness, but it has breathtaking landscapes and very interesting wine routes.

Lisbon has a comfortable year-round breeze and proximity to the sea while offering leisure and urban comfort, making it a preferred destination.

Finally, the Algarve has not been left behind and is known for brisk retirement with a large community of retirees who benefit from important recreational infrastructure (marinas, golf courses, international airport, and international hospitals). The temperature is higher all year round and the months of July and August when the average temperature reaches 28 to 30°C is offset by air conditioning systems.

Before choosing one of these regions, take the time to visit them and find out which one you feel most comfortable in from the onset.

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