The Retirement in Portugal 2019: We give 4 good reasons

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The Retirement in Portugal 2019: We give 4 good reasons

Portugal is the most western country on the European continent. The weather is good, there is the sea, the mountains, the countryside, the people are charming, you feel safe, you eat well, many Portuguese speak English, life is cheaper than in England.

1 – Unusual Resident: Since January 2013, the tax on foreign income (including pensions) for non-habitual residents is 0%
Why become a non-habitual resident?
With this new law, Portugal wants to become a new tax haven within the European Union and attract private retirees as well as people with so-called passive income (interest, dividends, royalties, capital gains, property income. .).

2 – An exceptional climate all year long: Portugal enjoys a milder climate as a whole than Northern Europe. However, some mistakenly believe that Portugal is a country with a Mediterranean climate. Indeed, Portugal borders the Atlantic Ocean and receives first-line storms and rains forming off the coast. In summer, Portugal has a generally warm and dry climate, and the thermometer can easily climb to 40 degrees in some areas.

3 – Cost of living: Portugal, as a whole, enjoys a lower cost of living than in England or other European countries. A coffee is paid 50 cents and a beer € 1, and it is not uncommon to find a menu in a tasca (brewery) for € 6. Of course tourist places will have higher prices and the development of tourism is that some restaurants and bars are priced worthy of major European capitals.
In addition to tax savings, you will save money on a daily basis in Portugal.
If we had to quantify the savings, we could advance the figure of 20%, ie 1 / 5th of purchasing power and more. There are not many countries of equal quality that can line up, or you have to go further, in Asia, for example. In Europe, only Croatia plays in the same court.

4 – Health Service: From a certain age, getting treatment becomes a priority. What is good about Europe is that you can transfer your rights from one public system to another. If you had the security in England, you will have it also in Portugal.

Now, it is not necessarily in the public that we are best cared for. In the private sector, care will have to be regulated. It is therefore above all a matter of under which of choice. Private insurance exists, but past a certain age, they are overpriced. The emergency number: 112 exists just as in the EU countries.

4.1: Social Security enrollment procedures:
Our information is provided by Ameli (English health insurance website, retirement section in Europe).

You will have to sell to your health fund before your departure, inform the health insurance fund of your new address and ask for a form E121 / S1
Once in Portugal, go to the loja do cidadão (citizen shop) or Segurança Social to request your registration (cartao de utente do Sistema Nacional de Saúde).
Once these steps are done, you will have a health card that will allow you to be treated in Portugal.

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